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Access to information is a vital key in developing the individual’s potentiality. Both CIP and CIET provide separate central Libraries consisting more than 12,000 volumes of books and adequate number of online journals. All the latest editions of books both for reference and text are available in this library. It also subscribes to various newspaper and periodicals for the information and update of their knowledge. The journals of both National and International, related to all engineering subjects are also subscribed. The intervention of Information Technology has provided a great gap in the case of Library automation services. The Library is computerized with all the features of library management system. The library also maintains e-books & e-journals (IEEE, SPRINGER, etc.) for students and it has the digital library facility for all the students and faculty members with the internet connection. The library is spread over huge area and has the seating capacity of 250 students in its reading sections and is open for 12 hrs a day
The Library Hours of the Central Library are as follows
The Library Hours of the Central Library are as followsTuesday to Saturday: 8:00 am to 9:00 pm
On working days the services of the different sections of the Library remains open as per the following schedule:
Reading Room: 8:00am to 9:00pm
Journal and career guidance: 10:00am to 5:00pm
CollectionsThe library has a generous collection of Engineering & Management books,
Reference books, Scientific Journals, Reports etc. In addition,
It has books on Humanities, Social sciences and Career Guidance also.
1. Books :( Text& Reference): Title: 1301; Volume: 7910(A son 28/04/2017)
2. National Journals and Magazines (printed): 59 and 25
3. On-line subscription: National Digital Library, DEL-NET & NPTEL
4. International journals: 40
5. Newspaper: 11
6. Other Materials (Like CD ROM, DVDs etc.)
Library Facilities
1. Reading Hall, 2. Reference Service, 3. Newspaper Clippings, 4. Internet, 5. Reprographic Services, 6. Online Resources, 7. Newspaper Clippings, 8. Print versions Journals & Magazines, 9.Previous Question papers
Prof. A Chattopadhyay (Professor Emeritus) –Chairman
Dr. Jisnu Chakraborty (Asst.Professor-BSH) –Member
Sourav Paul (Asst.Professor -E.Sc) – Member
Abhijit Chatterjee (Asst.Professor -ME) – Member
Pronoy Ghosh (Asst.Professor -CE) – Member
Arup Das –Convener (Librarian) - Member