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Basic Science & Humanities Laboratory

Chemistry Laboratory
Physics Laboratory
HU Laboratory

Civil Engineering Laboratory

Solid mechanics lab
Surveying practice I & II
Building design and drawing
Fluid mechanics lab
Soil mechanis lab I & II
Highway and transportation engg lab
Concrete lab
Engineering Geology lab

Electrical Engineering Laboratory

Basic Electrical Engineering
Power System
Control Systems
Power Electronics and Electric Drives
Signals and Systems; Digital Signal Processing
Measurement and Instrumentation
Circuit Theory and Network

Electronics & Comm. Engg. Laboratory

Basic Electronics Laboratory
Solid State Devices
Circuit Theory & Network Lab
Signal System Lab
Analog Electronic Circuits Lab
EM Theory & Transmission Lines Lab
Digital Electronic & Integrated Circuits Lab
Analog Communication
Microprocessors & Microcontrollers
Control System
Digital Communications
Digital Signal Processing
Electronic Measurement & Instrumentation
VLSI Design Lab
RF & Microwave Engineering Lab
Power Electronics Lab

Mechanical Engineering Laboratory

Workshop practice, Engineering Drawing And Computer Graphics Lab
Applied Mechanics Lab
Fluid Mechanics & Hydraulics Lab
Materials Testing Lab
Applied Thermodynamics & Heat Transfer Lab
Metrology & Measurement Lab
IC Engine Lab
Machining & Machine Tools Lab
Design Practice–II Lab
Dynamics of Machines Lab
Air Conditioning & Refrigeration Lab
Advanced Manufacturing Lab

Computer Science & Engg. Laboratory

C Programming Lab
Data Structure Lab
Cmoputer Architecture Lab
Soft Skill Lab
OS Lab
AI Lab
Design Analysis and Algorithm Lab
Software Engineering Lab
Internet Technology Lab
Networking Lab
Computer Center
Project Lab